Asking to Watch a Work

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Asking to Watch a Work
Practical Life - Grace and Courtesy
Level Pre-Primary
Age 2.5
Prerequisites none
Materials none

The purpose of this activity is to show the the child how to politely ask to watch another child at their work, and how to behave when watching.


  1. Invite the child, "I would like to show how to ask a friend if you can watch their work."
  2. Walk to a child who is working independently.
  3. Gently place your hand on the child's shoulder and wait for him or her to look at you.
  4. When the child looks at you, say, "Excuse me, may I watch?"
  5. If the child says yes, sit down near the work rug. Run your hands along the space on the floor between you and the work rug before folding your hands behind your back.
  6. Watch the child's work silently, without speaking or touching.
  7. Say, "Thank you," stand up carefully and walk away.

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