The Montessori Controversy

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The Montessori Controversy  
The Montessori Controversy.jpg
Author John Chattin-McNichols
Language English
Publisher Delmar Publishers Inc
Publication date 1992
Pages 231
ISBN 0-8273-4517-8


1. What is Montessori
2. Some Common Misconceptions
3. Why Hasn't Anyone Told Me About This Before? A History of the American Montessori Movement
4. Montessori Theory and Philosophy
5. The Montessori Model
6. The Practical Life Curriculum Area
7. The Sensorial Curriculum Area
8. The Mathematics Curriculum Area
9. The Language Curriculum Area
10. The Montessori Elementary Classroom
11. Piaget and Montessori
12. Montessori on Fantasy
13. What Actually Happens in Montessori Classrooms: Process Research
14. The Effects of Montessori School Experience
15. New Trends in Montessori Education

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