Bead Stringing

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Bead Stringing
Practical Life - Sewing
Bead Stringing.JPG
PrerequisitesGrasping Transfer
Materialslace with a knot in one end
large wooden beads
basket or other container

In this activity the child learns how to string beads. This also helps prepare the child for the Lacing Cards, Threading a Needle, and other sewing activities.


  1. Carry the basket to a mat or table. Put it in the upper left corner.
    Bead Stringing 1.JPG
  2. Smooth out the strings to be sure there are no tangles or knots.
    Bead Stringing 2.JPG
  3. Hold the end of the string in one hand and hold the bead in the other. Put the string through the hole in the bead.
    Bead Stringing 3.JPG
  4. Hold the end of the string with one hand and slide the bead down the string toward the knot with the other.
    Bead Stringing 4.JPG
  5. To take the beads off the string, hold the other beads in place with one hand and slide the end-most bead off with the other.
    Bead Stringing 5.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • Different sizes and types of beads can be used.
  • Bead stringing can also be done as an art activity.
  • Bead stringing could also be done as an exercise in matching patterns.


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