Blank Division Chart

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Blank Division Chart
Math - Memory Work
Blank Division Chart 7.JPG
Age5 - 6.5
PrerequisitesDivision Finger Chart
Materials Blank Division Chart
Division Problem Slips
answer tiles

This activity helps the child with memorization of division facts.
A printable version of the material is available below in the Make Your Own section.


  1. Take the material to a mat or large table. Lay out as shown.
    Blank Division Chart 1.JPG
  2. Sort the answer tiles into columns.
    Blank Division Chart 2.JPG Blank Division Chart 3.JPG
  3. Draw a problem slip and set it above the chart.
    Blank Division Chart 4.JPG Blank Division Chart 5.JPG
  4. Think of the answer and find the appropriate answer tile. Set it next to the problem slip.
    Blank Division Chart 6.JPG
  5. Place your right finger on the blue number along the top that corresponds to the first number in the problem. Place your left finger on the number along the side that corresponds to the second number in the problem.
    Blank Division Chart 7.JPG
  6. Slide the right finger down to the same row as the left finger.
    Blank Division Chart 8.JPG
  7. Slide the left finger over to meet the right.
    Blank Division Chart 9.JPG
  8. Hold your spot with your left finger and get the answer tile with the right.
    Blank Division Chart 10.JPG
  9. Place the answer tile on the chart.
    Blank Division Chart 11.JPG
  10. Set the problem slip aside and draw another one. Repeat the process.
    Blank Division Chart 12.JPG
  11. Continue until all of the answer tiles have been placed on the chart.
    Blank Division Chart 13.JPG

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Make Your Own

Blank Division Chart pdf icon.jpg
Division Slips pdf icon.jpg
Division Control Chart pdf icon.jpg
Blank Division Chart Division Problem Slips Division Control Chart (print on legal sized paper)

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