Color Mixing

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Color Mixing
Art - Color
Color Mixing.JPG
PrerequisitesColor Box 3
Eyedropper Transfer
Dish Washing
Materials3 dropper bottles with water heavily dyed red, yellow, and blue
three small glasses marked with fill lines
long handled spoon
round tray

This activity helps the child see how secondary colors are made by mixing the primary colors.


  1. Take material to a table.
  2. Take the glasses to the sink one at a time and fill with water to the line marked on the side.
  3. Select one of the glasses and open the dropper bottle to the left of it. Add five drops from the bottle. Close the bottle.
  4. Open the bottle to the right and add five drops to the same glass. Close the bottle.
  5. Stir with the spoon.
  6. Observe that by mixing the two primary colors, a secondary color is produced: "We mixed red and yellow and we ended up with orange."
  7. Rotate the tray to repeat the procedure with the other two glasses.
    Color Mixing 1.JPG
  8. Clean up: Carry the glasses one at a time to the sink to empty and rinse out.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Use clear dropper bottles so the colored water can be seen. Some experimentation may be necessary to get the right ratio of food coloring and water in the dropper bottles.
Using magenta instead of red, and a cyan shade of blue will yield the best secondary colors.