Command Cards

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Command Cards
Language - Reading
PrerequisitesBridge to Reading
Materialscards with action words

In this activity the child reads cards with commands written as single words. The child then acts out the sentence.


This activity can be one child alone, but it also works well with two children working together.

Phonetic Word Commands

  1. Take the material to a mat or table.
  2. The child should take the top word card and read it.
  3. The child should then act out the action.
  4. Repeat this with the other cards in the stack.

Digraph Word Commands

  1. Take the material to a mat or table.
  2. next step

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Make Your Own

  • Phonetic words to use (includes 'ck' and double consonants):
    cut, fan, hop, hug, hum, jog, kiss, nap, nod, run, sit
    bend, clap, drag, drop, dust, grab, grin, hiccup, jump, kick, lift, rest, rock, skip, smell, spin, stand, step, stomp, twist

Command Cards - Phonetic Words icon.png
Command Cards - Phonetic Words

  • Digraph words to use (with just Key Sound spellings of digraphs):
    brush, chat, count, crouch, dash, faint, flush, look, march, peek, pinch, play, pout, shut, sing, sleep, squint, sweep, tie, wish

Command Cards - Digraph Words icon.png
Command Cards - Digraph Words

  • Other Digraph words (done after the Key Sound Folders):
    bow, carry, catch, clean, cough, crawl, cry, dance, drink, dry, eat, fold, hide, hold, laugh, lean, leap, pour, push, reach, read, relax, roll, shake, sneak, sneeze, squat, squirm, stretch, talk, think, throw, walk, wash, wave, wiggle, write

Command Cards - Digraph Words After icon.png
Command Cards - Digraph Words After Key Sounds

  • It would be nice to put these words on red card-stock or to write them in red to indirectly tie it to the lessons on verbs.
  • There are free Command Cards available to print at the blog The Helpful Garden.

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