Continents Globe

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Continents Globe
Social Studies - Geography
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Age3 +
PrerequisitesSandpaper Globe
MaterialsContinents Globe
Sandpaper Globe

This material teaches the child about the continents.


  1. Take both globes to a mat or table.
    Both globes.jpg
  2. Ask the child to tell you what they remember about the Sandpaper Globe. (Prompt with specific questions if you need to: "What is this? What does it represent? What does the blue represent? What does the brown represent?)
  3. Point to the Continents Globe.
    "This is a model of the earth too. What is different about this one?" ("The different colors.")
  4. "The different colored areas represent different land masses called continents."
  5. Point out the continent where you live and give its name.
    "This orange area is called North America. That's where we live. We're right here."
    Indicate the point where you are. You can talk about people you know who live in other places in the same continent and show those points, too.
  6. Teach the names of one or two other continents in the same way. Mention people you know who live there, or trips that the child or someone else in the class may have taken there.
  7. Do a Three Period Lesson with the names of the first few continents.
  8. Continue teaching the names of the continents if the child still shows interest, or (more likely) save the others for another day.

Points of Interest

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Variations and Extensions

  • Demonstrate night and day by directing a light source at one side of the globe. Turn the globe to show day changing to night. Show how when it is daytime on one side of the globe it is nighttime on the other.
  • Sing "The Continents Song" (to the tune of "Frere Jacques")
    North America, South America, Africa Africa, Europe and Asia, then there is Australia, Antarctica Antarctica


Make Your Own

If you'd like to make a Continents Globe pillow, there is a lovely fabric available from Spoonflower designed by a Montessori homeschool mom. The fabric for a large globe costs $20 with shipping, the fabric for the small globe is $12 with shipping.
Globe pillow big.jpg Globe pillow small.jpg Globe pillow pieces.jpg
Source: Walk Beside Me

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Continents Globe
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