Cutting Yarn

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Cutting Yarn
Practical Life - Sewing
Cutting Yarn 7.JPG
PrerequisitesCutting Paper
small bowl or box
small tray

In this activity the child learns how to cut yarn. This is a skill the child will need for sewing activities.


  1. Invite the child to the lesson. Show them where the material is on the shelf and name the work.
    Cutting Yarn 1.JPG
  2. Select a piece of yarn from the bowl and place it on the tray.
    Cutting Yarn 2.JPG
  3. Take the tray to a mat or table.
    Cutting Yarn 3.JPG
  4. Hold the yarn in your subdominant hand and make a little loop near one end.
    Cutting Yarn 4.JPG Cutting Yarn 5.JPG
  5. Take the scissors in your dominant hand. Open the scissors and put the bottom blade through the loop of yarn.
    Cutting Yarn 6.JPG Cutting Yarn 7.JPG
  6. Cut the yarn.
    Cutting Yarn 8.JPG
  7. Put the short piece of yarn into the little bowl.
    Cutting Yarn 9.JPG
  8. Continue this process until the yarn has all been cut into short pieces.
    Cutting Yarn 10.JPG Cutting Yarn 11.JPG Cutting Yarn 12.JPG
    Cutting Yarn 13.JPG
  9. When you are finished, empty the bowl of cut-up yarn into the trash. (Or put the pieces in an envelope to take home.)
    Cutting Yarn 14.JPG
  10. Return the tray to the shelf.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • String, thread, or ribbon could also be cut.