Division With the Stamp Game

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Division With the Stamp Game
Math - Arithmetical Operations
Div Stamp Game.JPG
PrerequisitesUnderstanding of Decimal System
MaterialsStamp Game Set
green pencil
blue pencil
red pencil
strip of paper

This activity teaches the child division at a higher level of abstraction.


Static Division

  1. Take the material to a table. (Could also be done on a very smooth mat with a clipboard for writing.) Start with a problem that won't require exchanging and that won't have a remainder.
    Div Stamp Game 1.JPG
  2. Lay out the stamps for the first number in the problem.
    Div Stamp Game 3.JPG
  3. Remind the child that the second number in a division problem shows how many people you are dividing amongst.
    Div Stamp Game 2.JPG
  4. Set the skittles for the divisor as shown.
    Div Stamp Game 4.JPG
  5. Start divvying out the thousands.
    Div Stamp Game 5.JPG Div Stamp Game 6.JPG
  6. Then divvy out the hundreds.
    Div Stamp Game 7.JPG
  7. Divvy out the tens.
    Div Stamp Game 8.JPG
  8. Divvy out the units.
    Div Stamp Game 9.JPG
  9. Remind the child the answer is the amount that each person gets. Record the answer on the paper.
    Div Stamp Game 10.JPG Div Stamp Game 11.JPG

Dynamic Division

This is done in the same way as Static Division, except that exchanging must take place.

  1. step one
    Div Stamp Game R 1.JPG
  2. step two
    Div Stamp Game R 2.JPG
  3. step three
    Div Stamp Game R 3.JPG
  4. step four
    Div Stamp Game R 4.JPG
  5. step five
    Div Stamp Game R 5.JPG
  6. step six
    Div Stamp Game R 6.JPG
  7. step seven
    Div Stamp Game R 7.JPG
  8. step eight
    Div Stamp Game R 8.JPG
  9. step nine
    Div Stamp Game R 9.JPG
  10. step ten
    Div Stamp Game R 10.JPG
  11. step eleven
    Div Stamp Game R 11.JPG
  12. step twelve
    Div Stamp Game R 12.JPG
  13. step thirteen
    Div Stamp Game R 13.JPG
  14. step fourteen
    Div Stamp Game R 14.JPG
  15. step fifteen
    Div Stamp Game R 15.JPG
  16. step sixteen
    Div Stamp Game R 16.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


A standard stamp game set includes 81 unit stamps, 81 ten stamps, 81 hundred stamps, 18 thousand stamps, 9 unit skittles, 9 ten skittles, 9 hundred skittles, 1 thousand skittle, 9 green circles, 9 blue circles, and 9 red circles.

Make Your Own

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Stamp Game black & white pdf icon.jpg
Division Stamp Game Slips pdf icon.jpg
Stamp Game tiles in color Stamp Game tiles in black and white Problem Slips - Division Stamp Game

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