Dynamic Addition With Golden Beads

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Dynamic Addition With Golden Beads
Math - Arithmetical Operations
GB Dynamic Addition 4.JPG
Age4.5 - 5
PrerequisitesStatic Addition With Golden Beads
Materialsfull set of Golden Beads
1 set of large number cards
1 set of small number cards per child
1 tray per child
1 small bowl for units per child

This activity teaches the child to do addition that involves exchanging.


Done with two or three children.

  1. step one
    GB Dynamic Addition 1.JPG
  2. step two
    GB Dynamic Addition 2.JPG
  3. step three
    GB Dynamic Addition 3.JPG
  4. step four
    GB Dynamic Addition 4.JPG
  5. step five
    GB Dynamic Addition 5.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Make Your Own

Printable Dynamic Addition Cards
Printable Large Number Cards
Printable Small Number Cards

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