Edible Plant Parts

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Edible Plant Parts
Science - Botany
Materialspictures of many types of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains
Labels: Root, Fruit, Stem, Leaf, Seed, Flower

In this activity the child learns that the foods we eat come from different parts of plants.


  1. Explain to the child (or children) that the foods we eat come from many different parts of the plants.
  2. Lay out the labels at the top of the mat.
  3. Take one of the cards with a picture of a plant food.
  4. Ask the children which part of the plant they think the food comes from.
  5. Place it under the correct label.
  6. Continue to place the other picture cards in the same way.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • A great way to introduce this work would be to show it with the actual plant foods at circle time.


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