Education and Peace

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Education and Peace  
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AuthorMaria Montessori
Original titleEducazione e Peace
TranslatorA. M. Joosten
PublisherKalakshetra Press

Also sometime goes by the title Peace and Education.
This book is a collection of speeches by Maria Montessori on the subject of Peace.


  1. Peace
  2. For Peace
  3. Educate for Peace
  4. Address Opening the Congress
  5. Why May Education Have an Influence on the World Today?
  6. Second Lecture
  7. The Form Education Must Take to Be Able to Help the World in Our Present Circumstances
  8. The Need for Universal Accord So That Man May Be Morally Trained to Defend Humanity
  9. Fifth Lecture
  10. My Method
  11. First Lecture
  12. Supernature and the Single Nation
  13. The Education of the Individual
  14. Educate for Peace

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Education and Peace
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