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Practical Life - Sewing
Embroidery 16.JPG
Age4.5 - 5
PrerequisitesLacing Cards
Threading a Needle
Tying Knots
Materialschalk or washable marker
needle threader
embroidery floss or yarn
small embroidery hoop
square of fabric

In this activity the child learns how to do embroidery.


  1. Carry the tray to a mat or table.
    Embroidery 1.JPG
  2. Draw a shape on the fabric with the chalk. (Do this inside the hoop to be sure the shape will fit.)
    Embroidery 2.JPG
  3. Loosen the screw to separate the hoops.
    Embroidery 3.JPG
  4. Set the inner hoop on the tray.
    Embroidery 4.JPG
  5. Lay the fabric over the inner hoop.
    Embroidery 5.JPG
  6. Line up the outer loop on top and press it into place.
    Embroidery 6.JPG Embroidery 7.JPG
  7. Tighten the screw on the outer loop.
    Embroidery 8.JPG
  8. Thread the needle as was learned in Threading a Needle.
    Embroidery 9.JPG
  9. Tie a knot in the end of the yarn.
    Embroidery 10.JPG
  10. Start with the needle on the back side of the fabric. Press gently to make a little bump to be sure the needle will come through in the right place.
    Embroidery 11.JPG
  11. Push the needle through the fabric.
    Embroidery 12.JPG
  12. Move your hand to the front of the fabric and pull the needle. When the needle is pulled through far enough, grasp it near the eye so you are also holding the yarn from slipping off the needle.
    Embroidery 13.JPG
  13. Pull the yarn all the way through. Check the back to be sure that it is not tangled.
    Embroidery 14.JPG
  14. Continue making evenly spaced stitches all the way around the shape.
    Embroidery 15.JPG Embroidery 16.JPG
  15. Be sure to end with your yarn on the back side of the fabric.
  16. Remove the needle and place it in the holder.
    Embroidery 17.JPG
  17. Tie a knot in the yarn, keeping it as close to the fabric as possible.
    Embroidery 18.JPG
  18. Cut off the excess yarn.
    Embroidery 19.JPG
  19. Set the excess yarn aside.
    Flip the embroidery hoop the the front side.
    Embroidery 20.JPG
  20. Turn the screw on the embroidery hoop counter-clockwise to loosen it. (Do not loosen it so much that the screw comes out.
    Embroidery 21.JPG
  21. Remove the top hoop.
    Embroidery 22.JPG
  22. The embroidery is now free and can be taken home.
    Embroidery 23.JPG
  23. Throw away the excess yarn, or put it aside for another project.
  24. Take the tray back to the shelf.
  25. Place a new piece of fabric and a new loop of yarn to the tray so it will be ready for the next person to use.

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