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Sensorial - Visual Discrimination of Form
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Age3.5 - 6
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Please use full sentences to describe the direct and indirect purpose (also called "aims" or "goals") here. If a purpose of a lesson is to help prepare for another lesson, or if a lesson is a variation or extension of another lesson, mention the other lesson by name and link to it.


Presentation One

Any preparation the teacher needs to do to get ready for the lesson goes here.

  1. Step one goes here.
    Step One.JPG
  2. Step two goes here.
    Step Two.JPG
  3. You get the idea.

Presentation Two

  1. If there is only one presentation, skip the subheadings and just put the steps all under "Presentation".
  2. If the different presentations have obvious descriptive titles, use those in place of "Presentation One", "Presentation Two", etc.

Points of Interest

  • A point of interest goes here.
  • Another point of interest goes here.


Direct Purpose

  • Here is where you put the direct purpose (or direct aim) of the lesson

Indirect Purpose

  • Here is where you put an indirect purpose (or indirect aim) of the lesson
  • You can put another indirect purpose here

Control of Error

How the child will know that he has done the work correctly.

Variations and Extensions


  • A description of a variation goes here. If you like, you can make a complete separate page for a variation or extension. If so, just put a link to it here along with a brief description. Be sure to write at the top of the new page that it is a variation or extension and link back to the original work.
    Variation or Extension.JPG
  • A description of another variation goes here.


  • A description of an extension goes here.

Read Aloud

Children's books related to the lesson.


Here is where you should put any new vocabulary introduced with the lesson.


A description of the material goes here. This section can be left out if the only materials needed are household objects. It could also be left in if it would be helpful to remind the reader to obtain a child-sized version of the object.

Make Your Own

Some Montessori materials are quite expensive. Use this section to describe how to make a version of the material. This section could be left out if making the material would be far too difficult. Feel free to include photos of materials you have made.
This is also the place to leave downloads of printable materials.

Where to Buy

In this section link to websites that sell the material used in the lesson. List the price with each one.


This is where you'd put in any interesting historic notes about the material or the lesson.

Further Reading

This section is for listing articles, websites, or parts of books with information about the lesson.
You could include the chapter and page number of books, links to websites, and any other relevant information to allow others to find it.

Children's Books

This is a place to suggest related children's books that could be read at circle-time.