Five Senses-Taste

From Montessori Album


Activity 1

  1. Invite your student to join you at a workplace.
  2. Introduce the sense of taste by telling your student that without his or her sense of tase, he/she would not know what chocolate tastes like.
  3. Say, “You will now try two tastes and identify each one.” Open the packets of lemon and honey without having your student see what is inside. Allow your student to taste some from each packet.
  4. Ask, “What does each taste like?” How do these two compare to one another?”
  5. Ask, “Which tastes better to you?”
  6. Ask, “What other flavors can you identify?” (bitter, sour, sweet)
  7. Place the taste chart in front of your student.
  8. Say, “What do you see in the center of the chart? What do you taste with?” Instruct your child to show you his or her mouth.
  9. Ask, “What do you see on the chart? How does each one taste?”
  10. Ask, “Which items are sweet?”

Activity 2

  1. Bring out the labeled cards and go over each one. Point to how the name of each food item looks when it is written.
  2. Have your student make two rows – the first row is for all the labeled cards, the second is without the labels. Then give the labels to your student and instruct your student to place the label under the card.
  3. Put the labeled cards away. Shuffle the labels and the unlabeled cards and have your student match them up.
  4. Put the cards away. Bring back the chart and have your student place the labels on the correct place on the chart.

Points of Interest

  • Students will learn about the sense of taste and examine several food items.
  • Vocabulary: honey, watermelon, lemon, pretzel, strawberry, chocolate.

Control of Error

  • Suggested time: 45 mins- 60 mins
  • Make sure student is not allergic to any of the foods listed.

Variations and Extensions

  • Place the cards in alphabetical order.
  • Which items on the chart can be eaten as a snack?
  • Which can be eaten for dessert?


Where to Buy

Brainy Kit 5 Senses Box provides the necessary materials.