Five Senses:Sight

From Montessori Album


Activity 1

  • Invite your student to join you at a workplace.
  • Bring out the chart and place it in front of your student. Ask, “What organ do you see with?” Instruct your student to point to his or her eyes.
  • Ask, “What are some different items you see on the chart?” Instruct your student to describe each one.
  • Ask, “What does a watch allow you to do? Why is it important to be able to tell time?”
  • Ask, “What do people who cannot see well use? How can wearing glasses help them?”
  • Ask, “If you wanted to know where Japan is, where would you look?” Introduce the globe. Ask, “Why would some people prefer a globe over a map?”
  • Ask, “Why do people read newspapers? How else can they find out what is happening in the world or their community? Why is it important to know?”
  • Ask, “What do doctors do when they suspect someone has broken a bone? How can taking an x-ray be helpful?”
  • Say, “Did you know that no two butterflies are the same?”
  • Ask, “Why is it important to not just be able to see but to notice what is going on in front of you?”
  • Bring out the scented candles and ask your student to identify what they see. Ask, “How do you know it’s a candle? Ask your student to explain why the candles are different (they can say both sight and scent, scent will be explored in the next unit.).

Activity 2

  • Bring out the labeled cards and go over each one. Point to how the name of each item looks when it is written.
  • Have your student make two rows – the first row is for all the labeled cards, the second is without the labels. Then give the labels to your student and instruct your student to place the label under the card.
  • Put the labeled cards away. Shuffle the labels and the unlabeled cards and have your student match them up.

Points of Interest

  • Students will learn about the sense of sight and explore several items that they can see.
  • Vocabulary: watch, glasses, globe, newspaper, x-ray, butterfly.

Control of Error

  • Suggested time: 45 mins- 60 mins

Variations and Extensions

  • Play a memory game where you place any five items in front of your student and have your student observe where they are positioned on the work space. Then have your student turn around or close his/her eyes while you reposition the items. When your student turns back or opens his/her eyes, have your student tell you what is in a different place.


Where to Buy

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