Five Senses:Smell

From Montessori Album


Activity 1

  • Invite your student to join you at a workplace.
  • Say, “What are some smells that you will never forget? Why do you think they have stayed in your memory? Can you recall the last time you have smelled them?”
  • Bring out the chart and place it in front of your student. Ask, “What organ do you smell with?” Instruct your student to point to his or her nose.
  • Ask, “What are some different items you see on the chart? How do they smell?”
  • Bring out the cards and have your student organize them from their favorite to their least favorite.
  • Bring out the candles. Instruct your student to keep his/her eyes closed and identify the smell of each one.
  • Ask, “Which smell is your favorite? Which is your second favorite? Which is your least favorite?”

Activity 2

  • Bring out the labeled cards and go over each one. Point to how the name of each item looks when it is written.
  • Have your student make two rows – the first row is for all the labeled cards, the second is for cards without the labels. Then give the labels to your student and instruct your student to place the label under the card.
  • Put the labeled cards away. Shuffle the labels and the unlabeled cards and have your student match them up.

Points of Interest

  • Students will learn about the sense of smell and explore different smells.
  • Vocabulary: rose, garbage bin, scented candles, gas pump, soap, perfume.

Control of Error

  • Suggested time: 45 mins- 60 mins
  • Make sure child has no allergies to any of the materials.

Variations and Extensions

  • Bring out the watermelon squeeze ball. “Now that you have learned about all the senses tell me what the watermelon tastes like, sounds like when you drop it, smells like, feels like, and looks like.”
  • Use all the rest of the manipulatives from this kit (candles, bell, cotton ball, jingle bracelet nail file) and discuss them using as many senses as possible.


Where to Buy

Brainy Kit 5 Senses Box provides the necessary materials.