Five Senses:Sound

From Montessori Album


Activity 1

  1. Invite your student to join you at a workplace.
  2. Introduce the sense of hearing. Ask, “What makes the sounds that our ears pick up?” (Vibrations that travel in the air.)
  3. Place the bell and the jingle bracelet in front of your student and allow your student to examine the sound of each. Ask, “Which is louder?”
  4. Go over each item on the chart. Ask, “How does each item sound?”
  5. Ask, “Which sounds are similar? Which are completely different?”
  6. Ask, “Which sounds are louder than others? Which would you not mind hearing over and over? Which can become irritating?”

Activity 2

  1. Bring out the labeled cards and go over each one. Point to how the name of each item looks when it is written.
  2. Have your student make two rows – the first row is for all the labeled cards, the second is cards without the labels. Then give the labels to your student and instruct your student to place each label under the correct card.
  3. Put the labeled cards away. Shuffle the labels and the unlabeled cards and have your student match them up.

Points of Interest

  • Students will learn about the sense of hearing and explore several sounds.
  • Vocabulary: guitar, jingle bracelet, xylophone, whistle, telephone, bell.

Control of Error

  • Suggested time: 45 mins- 60 mins

Variations and Extensions

  • Ask, “How can hearing sounds help us escape danger?” (For instance, when the fire alarm goes off, we know that we have to step outside)
  • Ask, “Could someone communicate if he or she couldn't hear?” (sign language, written language, gestures)


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