Five Senses:Touch

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Activity 1

  • Invite your student to join you at a workplace.
  • Place the cotton ball, nail file, and the watermelon ball in front of your student. Say, “What do you see in front of you? How do you think each item will feel?”
  • Allow your student some time to examine the three items. They can try to squeeze the watermelon ball or rip apart the cotton ball.
  • Place the chart in front of your student, and go over each item.
  • If using ice, ask, “Which item is cold?”
  • Ask, “Which item is soft?”
  • Which item is hard?
  • Use the unlabeled cards to have your student match the cards with the items on the chart.

Activity 2

  • Bring out the labeled cards and go over each one. Point to how the name of each object looks when it is written.
  • Have your student make two rows – the first row is for all the labeled cards, the second is the cards without the labels. Then give the labels to your student and instruct your student to place the labels under the correct cards.
  • Put the labeled cards away. Shuffle the labels and the unlabeled cards and ask your student to match them up.

Points of Interest

  • Students will learn about the sense of touch and examine several items.
  • Vocabulary: hedgehog, nail file, cotton balls, teddy bear, cactus, ice

Control of Error

  • Suggested time: 45 mins- 60 mins

Variations and Extensions

  • Explore the contents in your home and decide if they are soft or hard.
  • Organize the watermelon ball, cotton ball, and nail file from heaviest to lightest.
  • Allow your student to explore an ice cube. Ask, “What does it feel like when you touch it?”


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