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Practical Life - Care of the Environment
Folding Cloths 8.JPG
Age3 - 4
PrerequisitesCarrying a Tray
Materials4 square cloths with lines sew or drawn on

This activity teaches the child how to fold cloths.


  1. Take the tray to a mat or table. Place the tray in the upper right corner.
    Folding Cloths 1.JPG
  2. Lay out the four cloths across the bottom of the work-space in the order shown.
    Folding Cloths 2.JPG
  3. Trace the line in the first cloth from left to right with the first two fingers of the dominant hand.
    Folding Cloths 3.JPG
  4. Hold each of the top two corners of the cloth and bring them down to match up with the bottom two corners.
    Folding Cloths 4.JPG Folding Cloths 5.JPG
  5. Smooth the crease.
    Folding Cloths 6.JPG
  6. Trace the line of the second cloth from the upper left corner to the lower right.
    Folding Cloths 7.JPG
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Points of Interest

To put the corners exactly together

Control of Error

The line sewed on the fabric. The fold should be on this line.

Variations and Extensions

  • folding clothing


This material consists of four (sometimes more) cloths that are about 10 inches square. Each of the cloths has lines sewn across with thread of a contrasting color.

Make Your Own

Cut out four squares of fabric measuring around 10 inches on each side. Serge or hem the edges (if hemming, make the squares a little bigger to start). Use a contrasting color of thread to sew lines across the fabrics as shown:
Folding Cloths.png

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