Geometric Solids

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Geometric Solids
Sensorial - Visual Discrimination of Form
Geometric Solids.jpg
Age3.5 - 6
Prerequisitesdiscrimination of form
Pink Tower
Knobbed Cylinders
Broad Stair
MaterialsTen geometric solids:
rectangular prism
triangular prism
square based pyramid
triangular based pyramid

Use of this material makes the child familiar with 3 dimensional geometric shapes and teaches their names. This activity prepares the child for geometry.


Introduction to the solids

  1. Select three solids and carry them to a mat or table (these can be carried in a small basket).
    Geometric Solids 1.JPG
  2. Name the first solid shape. Allow the child plenty of time to look at and feel the solid.
  3. Present the other two objects in the same way.
  4. Do a Three Period Lesson.

Identification by touch alone

Introduction to the bases

Solids with bases

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • Take one solid out at a time.
  • Let the child make the shapes with blue clay.
  • Have the child look for objects from the environment that are examples of each shape.
    Geometric Solids household objects.JPG


  • A triangular based pyramid can also be called a tetrahedron.
  • An ovoid is smaller at one end (like an egg), an ellipsoid has ends that are the same.
  • An Ellipsoid is the same shape as that of a rugby ball.


Geometric Solids labels.jpg

The triangular based pyramid can also be called a tetrahedron. The difference between the ovoid and the ellipsoid is that the ovoid is smaller at one end like an egg.

Make Your Own

This material would be difficult to make on your own without some pretty good woodworking skills. There are, however, similar, far less expensive sets of geometric solids for sale online that were designed to be used in math classrooms. These are a bit smaller than the Montessori version. Neither set has an ovoid, but as the author of one blog pointed out, an ovoid might be easy to find in a craft store after Easter.

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