Grasping Transfer

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Grasping Transfer
Practical Life - Fine Motor Skills
Grasping Transfer 3.jpg
Age1.5 +
PrerequisitesCarrying a Tray
Materials2 small bowls
3-5 objects to transfer

The purpose of this activity to teach the child to carefully move items from one container to another.


  1. Bring the material to a mat or table.
    Grasping Transfer 1.jpg
  2. Open and close your hand to show the child the pinching motion used.
    Grasping Transfer 2.jpg
  3. Grasp one of the objects from the bowl.
    Grasping Transfer 3.jpg
  4. Place the object in the other bowl.
    Grasping Transfer 4.jpg
  5. Repeat with the other objects in the bowl.

Points of Interest

Objects variation objects sound

Control of Error

Objects are not inside the bowls.

Variations and Extensions