Greeting a Guest

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Greeting a Guest
Practical Life - Grace and Courtesy

The purpose of this activity is to teach the child how to politely greet a new person.


Invite the child. "I would like to show you how to greet someone."

Face a child and look them in the eyes.

Say, "Hello, how are you?"

Ask the child to repeat those words back to you.

When he/she does, reply "I am very well, thank you."

Turn to another child and repeat, "Hello, how are you?"

When you have greeted all of the children and they have seen many examples, ask two children to greet each other.

Repeat until all of the other children have greeted at least one other child.

Say, "Now you all know how to greet someone when you see them. We can practice this every morning."

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • child could learn how to greet someone they know, but have not seen for a while
  • child could learn how to introduce themselves
  • child could learn how to introduce two people to each other