How and Why I Taught My Toddler to Read

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How and Why I Taught My Toddler to Read  
AuthorLarry Sanger
CountryUnited States
Publication date2010

A father talks about his experience teaching his young sons to read. He also addresses concerns about doing such.


Part 1: How My Little Boy Learned to Read as a Toddler

  1. Early literacy
  2. An eclectic method of teaching a small child to read: summary
  3. Phonics flashcard method
  4. Your Baby Can Read
  5. Reading books
  6. Concept building: presentations, the Doman method, and OPD
  7. Other educational activities that helped with learning to read
  8. Plans for our second child

Part 2: Teaching the Very Young to Read - A Defense

  1. Yes, it is possible
  2. The problem of the sales hype
  3. Why isn't this already common knowledge and practice?
  4. The marginalization of very early reading
  5. The pressure objection
  6. The vicarious achievement worry
  7. The too-much-video, too-early objection
  8. The creative free play objection
  9. The conceptual maturity objection
  10. The sapped-motivation objection
  11. The "miseducation" objection
  12. Does early reading really have long-term advantages?
  13. No need to be defensive


  1. Some take-aways
  2. When should we start teaching our children to read, and how?
  3. The importance of supporting early readers in school
  4. What is the point?


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