Hundred Board

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Hundred Board
Math - Linear Counting
Hundred Board 4.JPG
Age4.5 - 5
PrerequisitesTeens Board
Tens Board
Association of Beads and Cards
Materialsboard with a 10 x 10 grid
square tiles with numbers 1-100
bowl or basket

In the activity, the child practices counting linearly from one to one-hundred.


  1. Carry the board and container of number tiles to a mat or table.
    Hundred Board 1.JPG
  2. Sort the number tiles into columns by tens place. Don't worry about getting them in the correct order within each column.
    Hundred Board 2.JPG Hundred Board 3.JPG
  3. Starting with 1 in the upper left corner, lay out the number tiles in order.
    Hundred Board 4.JPG
  4. Continue until all of the number tiles are in the correct place.
    Hundred Board 5.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • An alternative would be to have a 99 board. This would start with zero in the upper left corner, and go up to 99. This could be less confusing for children as the 20 would be on the same row with 21, 22, 23, etc.
  • Versions of the board could be made to help teach skip counting (preparation for multiplication). There could be 8 of these. The first one would be two squares wide by ten squares high to teach counting by twos. The next three squares wide by ten squares high to teach counting by threes. And so forth.
  • Could be done with Roman Numerals.
  • Could be used for multiplication practice. For example, for threes you would put the numbers 1-3 in the first row. Then you would start on the next row with the tiles 4-6. the next row would be the tiles 7-9.
  • Fill in a blank paper hundred chart. There is a printable version at that lets you leave some or all of the numbers blank to be filled in.


Make Your Own

Many different materials could be used for the number tiles. They could be cut from mat-board, a thin sheet of wood, Masonite, or heavy plastic. You could also use small ceramic, glass, or wooden tiles (or these wooden tiles). Then, depending on the material used, the numerals 1-100 could be painted, engraved or wood-burned on. Numbers could also be printed off and glued on.
The board could be made of mat-board, wood, or Masonite. Make the size of the grid on the board based on the size of the tiles used. Attach trim around the outside edge.

This hundred board was made by painting gold lines on a square of felt.
Hundred board cloth.jpg
Source:What Walk Beside Me

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