Hundred Chain

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Hundred Chain
Math - Linear Counting
Hundred Chain 10.JPG
Age4.5 - 5
PrerequisitesTeens Board
Tens Board
Association of Beads and Cards
Hundred Board
Materialshundred chain
hundred square
labels for hundred chain
pointer for counting

This activity teaches the child skip counting which is preparation for multiplication. It also indirectly prepares the child to understand squaring numbers.


  1. Carry the hundred chain to a long mat with two hands.
    Hundred Chain 1.JPG
  2. Bring the hundred square to the mat. Sort the labels into columns by place value.
    Hundred Chain 2.JPG Hundred Chain 3.JPG
  3. Fold the hundred chain into a square as shown. Compare it to the hundred square.
    Hundred Chain 4.JPG Hundred Chain 5.JPG
  4. Set the hundred square on top to show that they are the same.
    Hundred Chain 6.JPG Hundred Chain 7.JPG
  5. Unfold the chain and begin counting, adding labels as you go.
    Hundred Chain 8.JPG
  6. The first ten beads each get a label.
    Hundred Chain 9.JPG
  7. After that, a label is placed at the end of each segment.
    Hundred Chain 10.JPG

Points of Interest

counting the beads

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


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Where to Buy

Thinkamajigs $4.95
$15.5 (100 yellow beads)

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