Jacket Flip

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Jacket Flip
Practical Life - Dressing
Materialsthe child's jacket

In this activity the child learns how to put on a jacket.


  1. Lay the jacket out on the floor with the inside facing up.
  2. If wearing a long sleeve shirt, hold on to the ends of the sleeves with your fingers.
  3. Stand by the neck or hood side of the jacket.
  4. Put your hands into the sleeves of the jacket a little ways.
  5. Raise your arms up, flipping the jacket over your head and allowing your arms to slide all the way into the sleeves.

Points of Interest

  • Children may be excited about being able to get ready on their own to go outside.

Control of Error

  • The child will know they have done it correctly when they see that their coat is on the correct way. (Children who have yet to master this my sometimes end up with their coats on upside down.)

Variations and Extensions

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