Labeling the Environment

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Labeling the Environment
Language - Reading
Labeling the Environment 6.JPG
MaterialsPresentation One:
slips of paper
objects from the room

Presentation Two:
labels for objects
tray or box

In this activity the child learns to label items with their name.


Bringing Objects to Mat

  1. Take the clipboard, pencil, and paper slips to a mat.
    Labeling the Environment 1.JPG
  2. The teacher should write the name of an object in the room on a slip of paper.
    Labeling the Environment 2.JPG
  3. Give the label to the child. The child should read the label and find the object.
    Labeling the Environment 3.JPG
  4. The child should bring the object to the mat.
    Labeling the Environment 4.JPG
  5. Place the object with the label next to it.
    Labeling the Environment 5.JPG
  6. Repeat this process for as long as the child shows interest (or until you run out of space on the mat).
    Labeling the Environment 6.JPG
  7. Return the objects to their original places when finished.

Taking Labels to Objects

  1. Take the tray of labels to a small mat or a table.
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