Memory Game

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Memory Game
Math - Numbers 0-10
Memory Game 6.JPG
Age3.5 - 4
Prerequisitesunderstands the concept of zero
Cards and Counters
Materialsslips of paper with the numbers 0-10
55 small objects
2 bowls

This activity the child practices numbers 0 through 10. The added difficulty in this game is that the children must hold a number in their memory for a short while.


Done with a group of up to 11 children.

  1. Take the material to a mat. Have the children sit around the mat.
    Memory Game 1.JPG
  2. Have each person at the mat draw a slip of paper with a number from the bowl. Look at the number but be sure not to let anyone else see it.
    Memory Game 2.JPG
  3. Fold the slips of paper back up and slide each partway under the rug.
    Memory Game 3.JPG
  4. One at a time, have each person take the number of objects from the bowl as was on their paper. Hide the objects so that no one else can see them.
    Memory Game 4.JPG Memory Game 5.JPG
  5. One at a time, have each person reveal their objects and the numbers on their paper. Count out the objects to see if it is the same as the number on the paper.
    Memory Game 6.JPG

Points of Interest

  • Children enjoy keeping the numbers secret until the end.
  • Older children can find it very funny when they draw zero. They have fun pretending that they are taking objects from the bowl and pretending to hide objects under their hands.

Control of Error

Correct sequencing of numbers and long term retention

Variations and Extensions

  • Instead of having objects in a bowl children can get a number of objects from around the classroom or house (3 spoons, 7 books, 2 socks, etc.). They can hide the objects in their hands or pockets if they are small enough, larger objects can be hidden under shirts.


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