Montessori Children

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Montessori Children  
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AuthorCarolyn Sherwin Baily
CountryUnited States
PublisherHenry Holt and Company
Publication date1913

In 1913 an American writer traveled to Rome to observe the individual children of the Montessori Children's houses there.
Each chapter focuses on a different child and shows a different facet of Montessori education through that child's experiences.


Dr. Montessori, the Woman
With Margherita in the Children’s House - Showing the Unconscious Influence of the True Montessori Environment
Valia - The Physical Education of the System
The Freeing of Otello, the Terrible - Montessori Awakening of Conscience Through Directed Will
The Christ in Bruno - About the New Spiritual Sense
Mario’s Finger Eyes - Montessori Sense-Training
Raffaelo’s Hunger - Color Teaching. Its Value
The Going Away of Antonio - Directing the Child Will
Andrea’s Lily - The Nature-Training of the Method
The Miracle of Olga - Reading and Writing as Natural for Your Child as Speech
Clara—Little Mother - The Social Development of the Montessori Child
Piccola—Little Home Maker - The Helpfulness of the Montessori Child
Mario’s Plays - Montessori and the Child’s Imagination
The Great Silence - Montessori Development of Repose

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