Montessori Madness!

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Montessori Madness!  
Montessori Madness.jpg
AuthorTrevor Eissler
Publication date2009


  • Foreword by Rebecca Lowe
  • Introduction: Madness
  1. Watching Our Kids Grow
  2. Should We Homeschool?
  3. The Factory Model of Education
  4. An Unexpected Option
  5. A Home, A School
  6. Why I Am Convinced by the Method
  7. The Sensitive Periods
  8. The Absorbent Mind
  9. The Prepared Environment
  10. Rewards
  11. Competition
  12. Punishments
  13. Concentration
  14. Discipline
  15. Responsibility
  16. Freedom
  17. A Comfort with Error
  18. The Fear of Error
  19. Controlling Error in Real-time
  20. The Guide
  21. The Community
  22. A Walk with Montessori
  23. Conclusion

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