Montessori from the Start: The Child at Home from Birth to Age Three

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Montessori from the Start: The Child at Home from Birth to Age Three  
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AuthorPaula Polk Lillard, Lynn Lillard Jessen
CountryUnited States
Publication date2003

This book outlines the development of children from birth through the age of three, and describes Montessori activities for children in this age range. It also describes ways to set up the child's environment to allow the child freedom to learn.


1. The Completion of the Human Being
2. Welcoming the Newborn
3. Discovering the World
4. The Hand and the Brain
5. Crawling to Coordination
6. Practical Life
7. Personal Care
8. Language and Intelligence
9. The Developing Will
10. Conclusion


  1. Although the book has many helpful ideas regarding the development of infants and toddlers, the book also contains may ideas that have been disproven, such as the notion that we should not "over-handle" newborns. It also incorrectly states that it's harmful to babies to nurse at night, and that nursing and weaning should occur on a strict schedule. The author advises early weaning, between the ages of six an nine months. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be breastfed for at least 12 months, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises breastfeeding to "two years of age or beyond." - Julia (MontessoriAdmin)

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