Multiplication Board

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Multiplication Board
Math - Memory Work
Multiplication Board 3.JPG
Materialsmultiplication board
box of 100 red beads
cards with numbers 1-10
small red circle

This activity helps the child with comprehension of and memorization of multiplication facts.


  1. Carry the material to a table or a mat and set up as shown below. If at a mat, the child will need a clipboard under the paper.
    Multiplication Board 1.JPG
  2. Choose one of the little number cards (4 is shown) and slide into the slot on the side.
    Move the red marker to cover the 1 at the top. Put four beads in the first column (4×1=4). Write the problem and answer on the paper.
    Multiplication Board 2.JPG
  3. Move the red red marker to cover the 2. Put four beads in the second column.
    Explain that to count the total beads we can start with the last number we ended on (4) and count up. Write the problem and answer on the paper.
    Multiplication Board 3.JPG
  4. Do the rest of the multiplication table of four in the same way.
    Multiplication Board 4.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • problems could be done in random order


Multiplication Board materials.JPG

Make Your Own

Printable Multiplication Problem Slips
Multiplication Fact Slips pdf icon.jpg

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