Multiplication With Bead Bars

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Multiplication With Bead Bars
Math - Memory Work
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This activity helps to teach the child multiplication facts.


  1. Carry the material to a large mat. Place the box of bead bars in the upper right corner.
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  2. For the first set of problems choose multiplication by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, or 9. (We've used 7 here.) Take out one 7 bar and lay it horizontally as shown. Say, "This is seven one time. Seven times one."
    Mult with Bead Bars 2.JPG
  3. Use the pointer to count the beads.
    Mult with Bead Bars 3.JPG
  4. Lay the answer vertically beneath the first bead bar.
    Mult with Bead Bars 4.JPG
  5. Take out two 7 bars and lay them as shown. Say, "This is seven two times. Seven times two." Use the pointer to count until you reach ten. Leave the pointer in place.
    Mult with Bead Bars 5.JPG
  6. Take a ten bar from the box and lay it as shown. Continue counting the rest of the beads starting over from one to see how many beads are remaining.
    Mult with Bead Bars 6.JPG
  7. step seven
    Mult with Bead Bars 7.JPG
  8. step eight
    Mult with Bead Bars 8.JPG
  9. step nine
    Mult with Bead Bars 9.JPG
  10. Put all the beads back in the box. Repeat the process with another number.
    Mult with Bead Bars 10.JPG
  11. When doing multiplication of tens there won't be enough bead bars in the set to do all the problems. Do the first few and then reuse the bead bars for the next few. Allow the child to discover on her own the pattern in multiplication by ten.
    Mult with Bead Bars 11.JPG

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