Multiplication With the Stamp Game

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Multiplication With the Stamp Game
Math - Arithmetical Operations
Mult with Stamp Game 8.JPG
PrerequisitesAddition With the Stamp Game
MaterialsStamp Game set
math problem paper
regular pencil
green pencil
blue pencil
red pencil
divider (string, stick, or ruler)

This activity teaches the child to do multiplication at a higher level of abstraction than with the Golden Beads.


  1. Take the materials to a table. (A very smooth mat might also be acceptable.)
    Mult with Stamp Game 1.JPG
  2. Select a problem and write it on the paper. In this case: 2432 × 4
    Mult with Stamp Game 2.JPG Mult with Stamp Game 3.JPG
  3. Lay out the number four times, moving the divider down each time.
    Mult with Stamp Game 4.JPG Mult with Stamp Game 5.JPG Mult with Stamp Game 6.JPG Mult with Stamp Game 7.JPG Mult with Stamp Game 8.JPG
  4. Slide the stamps in each column together.
    Mult with Stamp Game 9.JPG
  5. Then count and record the units (exchanging if needed).
    Mult with Stamp Game 10.JPG
  6. Count the tens (exchanging for a hundred if needed.)
    Mult with Stamp Game 11.JPG Mult with Stamp Game 12.JPG Mult with Stamp Game 13.JPG
  7. Record the tens left on the paper.
    Mult with Stamp Game 14.JPG
  8. Then count and record the hundreds (exchanging if needed).
    Mult with Stamp Game 15.JPG
  9. Then count and record the thousands (exchanging if needed).
    Mult with Stamp Game 16.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


A standard stamp game set includes 81 unit stamps, 81 ten stamps, 81 hundred stamps, 18 thousand stamps, 9 unit skittles, 9 ten skittles, 9 hundred skittles, 1 thousand skittle, 9 green circles, 9 blue circles, and 9 red circles.

Make Your Own

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Stamp Game tiles in color Stamp Game tiles in black and white Math Problem Paper

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