Object to Object Matching

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Object to Object Matching
Language - Language Foundation
Object to Object Matching.JPG
Age2 +
PrerequisitesUsing a Mat
Materialspairs of objects
small basket

In this activity the child matches pairs of objects.


  1. Carry the basket to a mat. Place it in the upper right corner.
    Object to Object Matching 1.JPG
  2. Remove all of the objects and place them randomly on the mat.
    Object to Object Matching 2.JPG
  3. Select an object and place it in the upper left corner of the mat.
    Object to Object Matching 3.JPG
  4. Select another object and hold it next to the first to see if they match.
    Object to Object Matching 4.JPG
  5. If they do not match, place it below the first object.
    Object to Object Matching 5.JPG
  6. If they do match, place the object next to the first.
    Object to Object Matching 6.JPG
  7. Continue in the way until all of the objects have been matched.
    Object to Object Matching 7.JPG

Points of Interest

  • The objects used in matching should be beautiful and interesting to entice the child to do the work.
  • The objects should should be changed out regularly (perhaps once a month) to give the children incentive to do revisit the work.
  • The objects can go along with a monthly theme or unit study.

Control of Error

  • There are only two of each object.

Variations and Extensions


Leaf Matching.JPG Stocking match.JPG Gear matching.JPG

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