Parts of an Animal Puzzles

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Parts of an Animal Puzzles
Science - Zoology

In this activity the child learns about the body parts of animals by taking apart and reassembling puzzles of the animals.


  1. Take the animal puzzle and the control picture to a work mat (two mats may be needed depending on the size)
  2. Put the puzzle on the left and the control map on the right.
  3. Remove the pieces one at a time from the puzzle and place them on the corresponding spot on the control mat OR on the work mat.
  4. After all the pieces have been removed, carefully replace them back in the puzzle

Points of Interest

  • The shape of each body part.
  • The name of each body part.

Control of Error

  • Control picture

Variations and Extensions

  • Trace the control picture on the window or light table.
  • Trace each individual piece with pencil on paper.
  • Label each body part.
  • Create an animal part nomenclature book.


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