Pencil Sharpening

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Pencil Sharpening
Practical Life - Care of the Environment
Pencil Sharpening 3.JPG
Age3 - 6
PrerequisitesHandling Sharp Objects
Nuts and Bolts
Materialspencil sharpener
bowl for shavings
dull pencil from room

This activity teaches the child how to sharpen pencils.


  1. Carry the tray to a mat or table.
    Pencil Sharpening 1.JPG
  2. Have the child go to where pencils are kept and find one that needs sharpening. Remind her to carry the pencil carefully as was shown in Handling Sharp Objects.
    Pencil Sharpening 2.JPG
  3. next step
    Pencil Sharpening 3.JPG
  4. next step
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  5. next step
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Points of Interest

  • observing the difference between the sharp and dull pencils

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • A small dusting brush can also be included with the work to help sweep the shavings from the bowl into the trash.