Placing Animals in Their Biomes

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Placing Animals in Their Biomes
Science - Zoology
PrerequisitesPicture Classification
Materialspictures or models of animals
backgrounds showing desert, jungle, tundra, etc.
basket for animals

In this activity lays out pictures showing different environments in which animals live, then they place the animals in their homes. This activity helps the child learn that different animals live in different types of environments.


  1. Discuss how different animals have evolved to live in different biomes.
  2. Lay out the backgrounds on a mat.
  3. Place the animals on the picture of the correct biome.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

  • Color-coded dots could be put on the backs of the cards.

Variations and Extensions

  • Draw the animals in their biomes
  • Do the activity with plants of different biomes


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