Punished by Rewards

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Punished by Rewards  
Punished by Rewards.jpg
AuthorAlfie Kohn
CountryUnited States
PublisherHoughton Mifflin
Publication date1993


Part One: The Case Against Rewards

1.Skinner-Boxed: The Legacy of Behaviorism
2. Is It Right to Reward?
3. Is It Effective to Reward?
4.The Trouble with Carrots: Four Reasons Rewards Fail
5. Cutting the Interest Rate: The Fifth Reason Rewards Fail
6. The Praise Problem

Part Two: Rewards in Practice

7. Pay for Performance: Why Behaviorism Doesn't Work in the Workplace
8. Lures for Learning: Why Behaviorism Doesn't Work in the Classroom
9. Bribes for Behaving: Why Behaviorism Doesn't Help Children Become Good People

Part Three: Beyond Rewards

10. Thank God It's Monday: The Roots of Motivation in the Workplace
11.Hooked on Learning: The Roots of Motivation in the Classroom
12. Good Kids Without Goodies


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