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Practical Life - Care of the Environment
Age3 - 6
Touch Tablets
small sanding block
paper towel or newspaper
wooden object to sand

This activity teaches the child how to sand wooden objects.


  1. Have the child put on the apron.
  2. Carry the tray to a table.
  3. Lay out the paper towel or newspaper.
  4. Set the object to be sanded on the paper.
  5. Feel the object lightly with your fingertips to find the rough spots.
  6. Hold the sanding block in your dominant hand, and the object in the other hand.
  7. Sand the object using a circular motion or a back and forth motion as needed.
  8. Periodically set the sanding block down to feel the object to see if it is smooth.
  9. Clean up: Place the wooden object and the sanding block back on the tray.
    Fold in the corners of the paper so the sawdust stays inside, and carry it to the trash.
    Return the tray to the shelf.
    Take a new paper towel or sheet of newspaper from the stack on the shelf and put it on the tray so the work will be ready for the next person.
    Put away the apron.

Points of Interest

  • feeling the difference in texture between the sanded and unsanded wood

Control of Error

  • the child uses her sense of touch to determine if the wood is still rough

Variations and Extensions

  • sand a piece of furniture
  • use different grades of sandpaper at different stages in the sanding process
  • there could be one large object for the whole class to practice sanding, or smaller ones for individual children


Most sanding blocks available to buy are too large for a child to hold comfortably. Make you own by stapling sandpaper around a small block of wood.