Small Bead Frame

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Small Bead Frame
Math - Passage to Abstraction
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Age5.5 - 6
PrerequisitesAddition With the Stamp Game
Subtraction With the Stamp Game
Multiplication With the Stamp Game
Division With the Stamp Game
MaterialsSmall Bead Frame
small bead frame paper

This activity teaches the child the basics of addition abstraction.



  1. Compare the beads on the frame to the stamps in the Stamp Game.
    Small Bead Frame 1.JPG Small Bead Frame 2.JPG
    Small Bead Frame 3.JPG Small Bead Frame 4.JPG
  2. Count the unit beads aloud as you slide them over to the right one at a time.
    Small Bead Frame 5.JPG Small Bead Frame 6.JPG Small Bead Frame 7.JPG
  3. Slide 10 units back to the left. "10 units is the same as 1 ten." Slide 1 ten bead to the right.
    Continue counting tens ("1 ten, 2 tens,...") and then exchange for a hundred bead. Do the same through the thousands.
    Small Bead Frame 8.JPG Small Bead Frame 9.JPG


  1. step one
  2. step two, etc.

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Small Bead Frame
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