Tasting Jars

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Tasting Jars
Sensorial - Sense of Taste
Materials4 or more pairs of dropper bottles
flavored liquids
cups for water
paper or cloth napkins

In this activity the child matches paired bottles of different flavored liquid. This helps the child refine their sense of taste.
Although it is still widely believed, it is not true that different areas of the tongue taste different flavors. The concept came about because of some misunderstood data from the beginning of the 20th century. We've known this was wrong since 1974, so please stop teaching kids the tongue map.


This material should be set up on the shelf with a stack of napkins, a container with several spoons, and several cups.

  1. Take the tray of tasting bottles to a mat or table. Take a napkin and a spoon to the workspace. Take a glass and fill it half-way with water, then take it to the workspace.
    Tasting Bottles 1.JPG
  2. Take the first dropper bottle from the left side. Set it below the tray of tasting bottles and unscrew the lid. Hold the spoon in the other hand and drop a few drops of the liquid into the spoon.
  3. Put the dropper back in the bottle. Then taste the liquid.
  4. Swish the spoon in the water to clean it, then dry it on the napkin.
  5. Take the first bottle from the right side of the tray. Set it below the tray. Taste the liquid using the same procedure as before.
    Tasting Bottles 2.JPG
  6. If it tastes the same as the liquid from the first bottle, place the pair in the upper left corner of the workspace. If it does not match, set it to the right of the tray and taste the liquid in the next bottle. Be sure to clean the spoon each time.
    Tasting Bottles 3.JPG
  7. Continue until all of the bottles have been matched.

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