Teens Beads

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Teens Beads
Math - Linear Counting
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Age4 - 4.5
PrerequisitesBead Stair
Materials1-9 bead stair
9 ten bars

This activity teaches the child the names of the numbers 11-19.


  1. Take a 1-9 bead stair and 9 ten bars to a mat or table. If at a table, you will need a table mat so the beads don't roll away.
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  2. Next step
    Teens Beads 2.JPG
  3. "This is eleven."
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  4. Make 12 and 13 in the same way and do a three period lesson.
    Teens Beads 4.JPG
  5. Once the child has learned 11, 12, and 13 continue on until all the amounts are learned.
    Teens Beads 5.JPG

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