Teens Beads

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Teens Beads
Math - Linear Counting
Teens Beads 5.JPG
Age4 - 4.5
PrerequisitesBead Stair
Materials1-9 bead stair
9 ten bars

This activity teaches the child the names of the numbers 11-19.


  1. Take a 1-9 bead stair and 9 ten bars to a mat or table. If at a table, you will need a table mat so the beads don't roll away.
    Teens Beads 1.JPG
  2. Next step
    Teens Beads 2.JPG
  3. "This is eleven."
    Teens Beads 3.JPG
  4. Make 12 and 13 in the same way and do a three period lesson.
    Teens Beads 4.JPG
  5. Once the child has learned 11, 12, and 13 continue on until all the amounts are learned.
    Teens Beads 5.JPG

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