Teens Board With Beads

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Teens Board With Beads
Math - Linear Counting
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PrerequisitesTeens Beads
Teens Board

This activity teaches the child the names of the numbers 11-19.


  1. Lay out the boards as shown. Set 9 ten bars and a bead stair on a small mat.
    Teens board with beads 1.JPG
  2. Stack the cards face down with 1 on the top.
    Teens board with beads 2.JPG
  3. Take a ten bar and place it to the left of the first 10. Point to the ten bar: "This is ten." Point to the number: "This says ten."
    Teens board with beads 3.JPG
  4. Take the unit bead bar and place it to the right of the ten bar. "Ten and one: eleven." Count the beads.
    Teens board with beads 4.JPG
  5. Slide the 1 numeral card over the zero in the first 10. "Eleven." Point to the beads: "This is eleven." Point to the number: "This says eleven."
    Teens board with beads 5.JPG
  6. Build the other numbers in the same way.
    Teens board with beads 6.JPG

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Variations and Extensions


Make Your Own

  • An easy alternative would be to simply make a set of cards just like those used for the work with the Golden Beads, only for this set you would need nine "10" cards plus the unit cards 1-9.
  • These could be made out of poster board:
    Handmade Childhood teen board 1.jpg Handmade Childhood teen board 2.jpg Handmade Childhood teen board 3.jpg
    (For a detailed description of how this was done, see A Handmade Childhood.)
  • These were made from strips of masonite with strips of wooden dowels used for dividers. The numbers were printed on self adhesive paper and then stuck on.
    Maybe Mntsr teen board 1.jpg Maybe Mntsr teen board 2.jpg
    Source: Maybe Montessori

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