Tens Board

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Tens Board
Math - Linear Counting
Tens Board with Beads 12.JPG
Age4.5 - 5
PrerequisitesTeens Board
MaterialsTens Boards
number cards 1-9
9 ten bars
9 unit beads
bowl for units

Also called Seguin Board 2, or Seguin Board B.
This activity teaches the child tens units.


  1. Lay out the material on a mat as shown.
    Tens Board with Beads 1.JPG
  2. Point to the number 10 on the board.
    Tens Board with Beads 2.JPG
  3. Place a ten bar to the right.
    Tens Board with Beads 3.JPG
  4. step four
    Tens Board with Beads 4.JPG
  5. step five
    Tens Board with Beads 5.JPG
  6. step six
    Tens Board with Beads 6.JPG
  7. step seven
    Tens Board with Beads 7.JPG
  8. step eight
    Tens Board with Beads 8.JPG
  9. step nine
    Tens Board with Beads 9.JPG
  10. step ten
    Tens Board with Beads 10.JPG
  11. step eleven
    Tens Board with Beads 11.JPG
  12. Continue as long as the child shows interest.
    Tens Board with Beads 12.JPG Tens Board with Beads 13.JPG Tens Board with Beads 14.JPG

Points of Interest

  • sliding the cards into the slots

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Make Your Own

  • An easy alternative would be to simply make a set of cards just like those used for the work with the Golden Beads, only for this set you would need a set of "tens" cards plus a set of "units" cards.
  • These were made from strips of masonite with strips of wooden dowels used for dividers. The numbers were printed on self adhesive paper and then stuck on.
    Maybe Mntsr ten board.jpg
    Source: Maybe Montessori

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