The Child, Society and the World

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The Child, Society and the World  
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AuthorThe Child, Society and the World
PublisherMontessori-Pierson Publishing Company
Published in

Previously unpublished speeches and writings of Maria Montessori.


  1. To parents
    1. When your child knows better than you
    2. Let your child keep his secret
    3. Maturity theory
  2. To teachers
    1. Concentration and the teacher
    2. Rules for the teacher of young children in the "Children's House"
  3. On recurring themes
    1. On social education
    2. On religious education
    3. On fantasy and fairy tales
    4. "The lesson of silence"
  4. Montessori's "alternative comprehensive school"
    1. On the principles of the Montessori school
  5. Child and society
    1. Children, teachers and society
    2. Protection against exploitation of children
    3. Work as an anthropological necessity
    4. On the schooling of young people
  6. Man's place in the cosmos
    1. Man's place in creation
    2. Communism and peace
    3. Education and democracy
    4. Cosmic education

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