The Dot Game

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The Dot Game
Math - Arithmetical Operations
Dot Game 23.JPG
PrerequisitesAddition With the Stamp Game
Multiplication With the Stamp Game
Materials Dot Game Paper
purple or orange pencil

This activity introduces the child to the 10,000 place value and allows the child a further level of mathematical abstraction in addition and multiplication.
Two versions of printable Dot Game Paper are available below.


  1. Take the material to a table (could also be done on a clipboard).
    Dot Game 1.JPG
  2. Write out an addition problem with several addends.
    Dot Game 2.JPG
  3. Point out the units in the first number.
    Dot Game 3.JPG
  4. Starting from the top left, put dots in the first spaces in the units section.
    Dot Game 4.JPG
  5. Put a line through the units in the first number.
    Dot Game 5.JPG
  6. Do the same with the tens...
    Dot Game 6.JPG Dot Game 7.JPG
    the hundreds...
    Dot Game 8.JPG Dot Game 9.JPG
    and the thousands.
    Dot Game 10.JPG Dot Game 11.JPG
  7. Point out the units in the second number.
    Dot Game 12.JPG
  8. Start filling in dots in the next available units space.
    Dot Game 13.JPG Dot Game 14.JPG
  9. Then cross out the number.
    Dot Game 15.JPG
  10. Fill in the dots for rest of the numbers in the same way.
    Dot Game 16.JPG
  11. Switch to the purple pencil now.
    Count to see that each row has ten dots in it. Cross off a row...
    Dot Game 17.JPG
  12. and add a purple dot to the open section below.
    Dot Game 18.JPG
  13. Do the same with any other full rows of dots.
    Dot Game 19.JPG
  14. Point out the dots that are left that do not make up a full row.
    Dot Game 20.JPG
  15. Record that number in the bottom space.
    Dot Game 21.JPG
  16. Point out the purple dots indicating the the full rows of ten units each.
    Dot Game 22.JPG
  17. Add the same number of purple dots to the tens section.
    Dot Game 23.JPG
  18. Cross off groups of 10 tens as was done with the units. Record the remaining tens at the bottom.
    Dot Game 24.JPG
  19. Do the same with the hundreds...
    Dot Game 25.JPG
    and the thousands.
    Dot Game 26.JPG
  20. Move the dots from the thousands to the ten-thousands section.
    Dot Game 27.JPG
  21. Record the number of ten-thousands in the bottom space.
    Dot Game 28.JPG
  22. Write the answer under the original problem.
    Dot Game 29.JPG

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Make Your Own

It's amazing how much some of the suppliers charge for dot game paper. I don't know about you, but I think that 66ยข for a sheet of paper that's going to be used for one math problem is a bit high. Just print your own from one of the PDFs below. You could even laminate a sheet and use it with dry erase markers.

Dot Game 1 pdf icon.jpg
Dot Game 2 pdf icon.jpg
Dot Game Paper
(1 per page)
Dot Game Paper
(2 per page)

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