The Kindergarten Guide, Volume 1: The Gifts

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The Kindergarten Guide, Volume 1: The Gifts  
Authorby Maria Kraus-Boelté & John Kraus
CountryUnited States
PublisherE. Streigner & Co.
Publication date1877

This book introduced Froebel's concept of Kindergarten to America.
It describes the manipulatives designed by Froebel and the ways they are used to teach various concepts to young children.


  1. The First Gift: The Ball
  2. The Second Gift: Sphere, Cylinder, and Cube
  3. The Third Gift: eight identical wooden cubes
  4. The Fourth Gift: eight identical wooden blocks (1 x 2 x 4)
  5. The Fifth Gift: like gift three but some with diagonal divisions
  6. The Sixth Gift: like the fourth gift but with additional divisions
  7. The Seventh Gift: parquetry tablets
  8. The Eighth Gift: connected slats
  9. The Ninth Gift: The Disconnected Slat
  10. The Tenth Gift: thin sticks and graph board
  11. The Eleventh Gift: rings and half-circles
  12. The Twelfth Gift: The Thread Game
  13. The Thirteenth Gift: The Point (dots of the graph board)


The designs made with the flat right triangles (page 197-215) are pretty much the same thing as the Constructive Triangles - Blue Triangles Box. These predate Montessori by a few decades.

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