The Kindergarten Guide, Volume 2: The Occupations

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The Kindergarten Guide, Volume 2: The Occupations  
Authorby Maria Kraus-Boelté & John Kraus
CountryUnited States
PublisherE. Steiger & Co.
Publication date1882

This book introduced Froebel's concept of Kindergarten to America.
It describes the activities designed by Froebel to be taught in Kindergarten.


  1. The First Occupation: Perforating
  2. The Second Occupation: Sewing Out
  3. The Third Occupation: Drawing
  4. The Fourth Occupation: Coloring and Painting
  5. The Fifth Occupation: Paper-Interlacing
  6. The Sixth Occupation: Mat-Weaving
  7. The Seventh Occupation: Paper-Folding
  8. The Eighth Occupation: Paper-Cutting and Mounting, free-Cutting, Silhouetting
  9. The Ninth Occupation: Pea-Work (like marshmallow and toothpick work)
  10. The Tenth Occupation: Cardboard-Modeling
  11. The Eleventh Occupation: Modeling in Clay


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